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How to Stay Inspired (When You're Feeling It Least)

Living a productive life can be hard at times. You'll be going a long feeling as though you have everything on task, then suddenly something may happen, or a certain emotion arises that triggers your need to just want to freeze and do nothing. Your moving train is suddenly screeched to a halt with (what feels like) no solution on how to get running again. But like they always say, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will jump right back on that moving train as soon as you digest what you're feeling / figure out ways around the temporary standstill you're experiencing.

Once you've collected your thoughts about what you're experiencing, develop a plan on how to get yourself going again. There will be moments of discouragement, doubt, and maybe even resentment towards yourself for having these setbacks, but it's really important to remind yourself that you're only human and the fact that you are even aware of your struggles is amazing in itself.


Having the same routine daily can take a toll on anybody, so stepping away from it to pay more attention to your personally needs is necessary. Do something you love to refresh your happiness and sense of calm. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing but I can say, without a doubt, that the best thing for me to do when I'm going through that funk is to attend bikram yoga class. There are days I think about particular things and just get very anxious; I end up not feeling myself and become (what feels) completely paralyzed by these overwhelming thoughts.

Although there are times I can shake it off, there are also times that I can't. It's a lifesaver to know that bikram yoga is there for me during these hard times in life, and it's something that I'm very grateful for. Bikram yoga works for me, and something therapeutic like that could work for you too; different things work for different people but I will say that it seems to work for a lot of people. Every single person in my class is different in: size, shape, age, ethnicity, etc. It's really cool to be in an environment with such a diverse group of people who ultimately have the same goal - to find their sense of calm and be a healthier version of themselves; it's truly something I respect and admire about them, which ultimately keeps motivating me to do the same.


This point coincides strongly with the one I just talked about above. Go to a place that brings you feelings of ease, and/or change your environment completely. Sometimes it's good to put yourself in a new environment to help stimulate new feelings and thoughts that you maybe wouldn't have experienced otherwise. When it comes to people, talk to those who have the same interests and goals as you to help boost your enthusiasm on how to keep motivated. Those who genuinely listen to you serve as a great support system; it helps you express what you're feeling honestly to yourself as well.


Think back to why you started going forward with your passion(s) in life in the first place. Remind yourself of the end result / feeling you will experience once you achieve your goals and how you feel when you are in the midst of your passions. It's normal to not always feel inspired; it's something that can't be forced, so take your time and know that just because your in a rut now doesn't mean it will last forever.

xx Ash

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