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Why I Don't Believe in the Question: "Have You Found Yourself Yet?"

Since I graduated college the pressure on if I've "found myself" or not, is something that has constantly haunted me. Questions from others about my unknown future is something that would always put even more pressure, doubt, and fear upon me. I was always waiting for that a-ha moment where I would suddenly feel the wave in which I could say "Okay, YES...this is it", but I now know that it's a completely unrealistic (and unfair) expectation that I had put on myself.

How is finding yourself even possible when you are growing, and changing, each and every day? Why would I want to fully find myself anyways? What else would I then strive for in life after doing so?

Instead of trying to reach that unrealistic target, I believe in changing the phrase and putting it as constantly striving to be the best version of yourself instead. There's a difference between being in a good place, and being in a bad place; always follow your gut instincts though when it comes to making those day to day decisions on what makes you feel most you. There is no deadline, or ticking timer set, for when you should have everything figured out by...keep reminding yourself of that, while still reminding yourself that you shouldn't be at a standstill in your life if it's not making you happy. Everyone has their own journey and pace, and there isn't anything wrong with that as long as the effort to improve yourself is always there.

xx Ash


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