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Why It's Important To Take Advantage of The World Around You

As human beings on this Earth we are so small compared to everything else that exists out there, while at the same time being as rare as they come.

Think about it...the world may seem big to us, but in reality it is so small when compared to the sizes of all the planets, stars, suns, moons, and galaxies out there. There are billions and trillions of other planets, some places even like Earth, but so far nothing compared to our kind of human existence (that we know of). That's what makes our beautiful situation so rare and worth taking advantage of. Earth has been around for approximately 4.55 billion years, the humanlike species has been estimated to be 4.4 million years old, but OUR species has only been around 100,000 years.

LONG STORY SHORT, its taken us many, many years to evolve to where we are at right why would you spend your precious time on this Earth not truly living? Not surrounding yourself with those you love, and/or those who bring out the best in you? Not doing what you love? I truly believe there's life out there besides us humans, but either way we've never come across life as beautiful as ours. Things will keep evolving in years to come, even after we're gone...and then one day Earth will end as well (how crazy is that?!) But either way this thing called life is pretty wild, and although there are scientifically proven/explained answers to these wonders, nothing still really make sense!

Even though this is titled "Thought of the Day" it actually is something that I think about every single day. How could I not?! The whole idea of space, and our overall existence is absolutely MIND BLOWING! I could go on all day about this topic, but that would take forever :)


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