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How to Stay Happy During the Winter Months & Not Let SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Get To You

It's that time of year again...the temperature outside has dropped, the days are darker earlier, and you're feeling SAD...aka good ole Seasonal Affective Disorder is kicking in, and it's clear to you that this whole change of seasons + mood thing is actually as real as it gets. Some days it feels as though the down and out, unmotivated feeling will never leave your body, but either way life keeps moving forward so you've got find ways to keep moving with it! Just remember that this too shall pass! #TisTheSeason

KEEP YOURSELF WARM / DRESS APPROPRIATELY: There is a huge difference in my mood when I'm cold vs. when I'm warm. If I run out of the house without grabbing a scarf, or warm enough jacket, I am cranky. There's nothing worse than being underdressed in the cold, so make sure to bundle up!


Doing more of what you love is always important, especially during the Winter season. If you're feeling the Winter blues, increasing the amount of activities you engage yourself in will help keep you busy, and keep your mind off of your SAD.

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR LOVED ONES / DON'T ISOLATE YOURSELF: During these cold months you may shut people out because it's "hibernation" season, but ultimately if you are already down and out that will only make your mood worsen as time goes on. Surround yourself with those you love, keep your mind off of the coldness that's going on outside. Have movie night, bake, relax and laugh with the people you cherish!


Put Christmas lights in your room for a sense of warmth and comfort. Bring some candles into your space. Add more plants to help bring life into any room. Love the cozy environment you're in enough to make you forget about the chill that's lurking outside!

HAVE A HEALTHY ROUTINE (IT MATTERS EVEN MORE NOW): Make physical activity a part of your life (even if it's just in small increments); the good endorphins released from working out are crucial to your happiness. Limit your intake of alcohol and/or unhealthy foods; cutting down will help lower your already existing anxiety and/or depression levels.

EMBRACE THE POSITIVES THAT THE WINTER MONTHS BRING: Find the excitement in taking part in Winter activities: skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, etc. For example, I absolutely love skiing; the natural joy its brought into my life has helped me form a special appreciation for this time of year.

xx Ash

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