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How to Make Monday a Favorable Day of the Week

No, this is NOT a actually is possible to make Monday your favorite day of the week (or at least one you don't hate with a fueling passion). Just the thought of Monday alone used to be something that immediately brought anxiety and negativity to my mind - all I used to think about was how horrible it would be and how nothing good comes from the dreaded day that starts with an "M".

Looking at Monday in that negative light never did any good for me though, so that's why I've now taken a different approach on the whole Monday thing and choose to now look at it as a time to be excited for the week to come. Instead of new year, new you why can't it be new week, new you? Look at Monday as the perfect opportunity to hit refresh on the week to come - it's definitely easier said than done, but I can promise you that changing your Monday routine will make having this particular outlook be possible...I know it has for me!


Once you're off the clock make sure to do something that brings you enjoyment. In my world Monday's look like a day filled with work followed by bikram yoga at night with my Aunt and cousin. We try to do hot yoga every Monday - if for some reason one of us can't that day we go Tuesday instead. For me, it has become something I love to do, especially with them...but it can be anything for you!


What's hard work without some play? And what's a Monday without some wine? I made it through Monday, and just did some hot yes I'm going to reward myself! After yoga class, my aunt, cousin and I treat ourselves to dinner & wine ;). There's no harm in having a little bit of vino let me tell you, especially if it's with the about an amazing Monday!


Positive energy is contagious so being around those who exert that to the world is exactly where you want to be. Know that there is a huge correlation between your mood and the mood of those who surround you - so make sure to determine who you should and shouldn't be around when trying to improve this part of your life.


Don't be fooled, Monday isn't cool all by takes hard work and routine to make it a day to be favored. If you've found ways to make Mondays something you look forward to, then keep doing what you've been doing. Without a doubt the Mondays where I didn't keep up with my usual routine were the ones that I hated, which ultimately would start my week off on a more negative note. If something works, don't stop...keep it up!

Have you ever felt this way about Mondays?

Can you see yourself changing your routine on Mondays to feel more positive towards the day?

Do you think it would improve your life if you started to like Mondays more?

xx Ash


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