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Why Taking A New Approach To Your Blog Is A Good Thing

For a while now I've been stumped on what to write about. After a lot of self-reflection, I've realized I'm not writing exactly how I want to be. Yes, I love giving advice and still will be...but with a different approach. I will be writing more about my everyday thoughts - I still will be using this platform as an area where advice is given, but integrating more questions and everyday matters that I don't have the answers to. I want to express that on this outlet instead of always giving "how to's" and resolutions to situations, because at the end of the day some things can't be solved just by reading an article.

The thing about the internet is even though it has a lot of negatives it has a lot of positives - we must take advantage of that and stay connected, learn, and heal from each other. I want to rant if need be, I want to express my purest thoughts and I don't want to care if the post is too long or not. The problem with this world is that we all have issues that aren't necessarily talked about. Thankfully the times are changing and talking about things are becoming more of the norm, but we can't forget that there are still those out there who are afraid to have a voice or just don't know how to.

I'm working on a couple of pieces right now that really excite me and I'm very eager to share them with you! Any questions and comments that you may have about your situations and experiences in life can always be communicated to me by email or in the contact section of my blog :) Hope to hear from you!

xx Ash


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