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KiiPix: Print Polaroids Directly From Your Phone!

If you’re anything like me you love the vintage look of polaroids! Shockingly though I‘ve never invested in a Polaroid camera because I’m OCD and am too picky about how they’re gonna look once the picture pops out (edit obsessive photographer problems is real people) *sigh*

But NOW my problems have been solved! KiiPix machine prints photos straight from your phone - no batteries, no hook ups, no connections! This thing is unreal - lay your phone on top, click the shutter button, twist then print!

This is honestly one of the easiest products I've ever used - so self sufficient and really works! Definitely worth it if you love polaroids and printing pictures! This thing can print anything you have on your screen and can be brought anywhere since it's portable!

The KiiPix Machine can be found at Amazon, Walmart and Target. It takes Fujifilm Instax mini film and that is sold separately.

Thanks for stopping by,

xx Ash


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