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Swipemix: The Editing App of Our Time

Swipemix "the editing app of our time" is something I do not say lightly - I seriously mean it. To me this app is absolute genius. Why you may ask? Pictures on your phone that you just keep swiping, all connected in a beautiful sequence without interruption? Brilliant. Things that took hours to create before on a desktop for some now take minutes, even seconds. This app helps create artistically, intriguing stories the more you keep swiping.

When I first came across Swipemix I was floored by how easy and innovative it was. So I knew that I had to get in touch with the founder of the company, Roberto Nickson, and let him know not only how much I love it, but that I would love even more to interview him so that others can know how awesome this app is too! Check out our conversation below - as well as some swipe-able sequences I've created using the app:

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Ashley: Let me start off by saying ever since I came across the Swipemix app this past summer, I haven’t stopped using it! I’ve also had endless amounts of people asking me about what I use and how I get my pictures edited in the way your app does! It’s truly amazing and even better, so easy to use! 

Roberto: Thanks so much Ashley! My name is Roberto Nickson, the founder of Swipemix. I appreciate your kind words, as our goal is to be delightfully simple.

Ashley: Can you tell the readers what it is exactly your app does? 

Roberto: Swipemix allows users to easily and quickly create swipeable post collages - panoramic image sequences for the Instagram carousel.

Ashley: Tell us your story...when and where did the idea for this app come about?  Roberto: As a photographer, I used to often create complex image sequences to showcase my work in creative ways on Instagram. I'd receive a ton of questions on how I would create these. The answer was through complicated, heavy duty desktop software. As a product designer for over 15 years, I am quite advanced with Photoshop - yet these image sequences would often take me 30 minutes to an hour to create. So using my background in app development, I wanted to create an app to simplify the process. With Swipemix, what used to take an hour to create on desktop, now takes 30 seconds on your iPhone.

Ashley: How long of a process has it been to get this app out there? 

Roberto: From conceptualization to launch on the App Store, the entire process took just under 3 months. A lot of the technological component had already been developed, as we have been working on mobile creativity software for almost 5 years now.

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Ashley: I see that one of your collections called The Nickson Collection has 100% of proceeds going to charity! That’s super awesome, what made your company decide to do so? And what charity?  Roberto: That's my personal collection - of which I plan to add to monthly! Currently, we are donating those proceeds to Inner-CityArts, a safe, creative space in downtown Los Angeles where inner-city students are invited to explore the creative arts. We plan on reaching out to several creatives to see if they'd like to contribute their designs to the app for a good cause.

Ashley: There is a Creator Series included in your app in which Carson Grzegorczyk, a Lifestyle Photographer and Creative Director, put together some templates from his time in Bali - that’s so sick! Can you tell us a little bit more about the collaboration that went on there?  Roberto: Carson is another talented creative who's popularity stems from the panoramic image sequences he often creates. I thought it was a perfect collaboration to have him offer some of his templates in the app. Again, it's the type of partnership we'd love to continue to pursue. By the end of the year, one of our goals is to have dozens of creator template packs available in Swipemix.

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Ashley: What can you tell those out there who are wanting to create an app but don’t know exactly how to go about it? 

Roberto: This is an extremely complicated question that I would need to write a separate article about to make sure not to leave out any details. In general, I would tell someone interested in creating an app to either learn the design or development aspect of it. It's often challenging, and depending on the scope of the app, extremely costly, without one of those skill sets to hire the right design & development resources to launch a successful app, especially in today's hypercompetitive landscape. If anyone has any specific questions - they can contact me via Instagram @rpnickson or email

Ashley: What can you tell those that feel so passionately about their app idea but may feel like giving up if they feel it’s too far in reach?  Roberto: Like most things in life worth pursuing, it's not supposed to be easy. App development is no different. If you're passionate about an idea - get after it. The very worst case scenario, is that you learn extremely valuable lessons and garner a ton of useful experience.

Download the Swipemix today from the App Store

and make sure to follow Swipemix on Instagram and use #swipemix to be featured!

Thank you Roberto Nickson for taking the time to have this awesome conversation!

xx Ash


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