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Why I Take Day Trips Every Weekend

Ever just feel that you need to hit a refresh button? That’s me every week - especially after a long work week (I’m pretty sure everyone reading this can agree). Well mine consists of finding the most quaint, warm, welcoming places in my surrounding areas. I live in New England and truly love it - I love the seasons it brings, I love the history it brings and overall...the atmosphere. For me it’s home.

Finding tiny shops, where I come across all sorts of things made locally gives me life. I love things that are unique, artsy and tell a story. Also the more natural the better. If it involves wood, stars/space, spirituality, and nature I’m all IN. And that’s what you will find in places like these. This little shop was called Saddie Green’s Curiosity Shop and I fell in love. It was right next to the Publick House Historic Inn and Restuarant where I made sure to have some food and drinks. It was so good (and I’ve eaten at a lot of places) - the atmosphere was so welcoming and cozy. Fireplaces galore - you could feel the history in the air.

So if you’re ever in Sturbridge, Massachusetts :) make sure to stop by these two amazing places. Where are you’re favorite, cozy places to visit? Do you like day trips?

I would love to hear your feedback! xx Ash


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