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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I've been a Connecticut based Professional Photographer for 15 years now. I work full-time in the Sales and Marketing world, while remaining the sole owner of Ashley Nicole Photography and Food Tribe New England, a food blog in which I'm always searching for the next best dining experience! 


I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, but don't consider myself to know it all. We all are learning something new every day, and because of that I'm here to create, share and grow with all of you


Aside from my love of being around family and friends, and my obsession with the ocean and seafood - my greatest joy in life comes from capturing moments through a camera lens. For me, it's a proven form of beautiful therapy - being able to see inspiration all around and capture it forever? Priceless.  


Don't hesitate to reach out :)

Let's create something beautiful!

Ashley Czerniecki

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