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What Drives Your Soul's Happiness? And How Important It Is To Your Well-Being

Following your heart, mind, body and soul is crucial to your overall being. I've recently gone through a major situation in my life that's made me reevaluate every thing. It proved to me that I am not a comfortable, "idle" person - instead I've realized that I was going with the so called wave of life and the expected routine that is thrown in everyone's faces today.

But now the most important thing for me to ask myself constantly is: what really feeds my soul? What do I really want to do? Where do I really want to live? What brings me genuine happiness? The biggest thing that I believe in is that timing is everything, but also that there is no right time for anything. There will always be something you come up with that holds you back. There will always be a negative in your way that overpowers your decision to take that leap, or in other the grand scheme of things fear. My body was saying enough. Be more selfish. Say no if you want to. Do what you want. Go where you want to go. Listen to your own needs and only that.

So, what are the things that drive you? What are the things that make your soul feel its most authentic self? They say you can be whatever you want to be but "they" never seem to go deeper than that. Growing up in the school system for instance, it's just a line thrown around - but in reality so much more advice needs to be given.

What are you willing to do to get there? What are you willing to give up? This all revolves around the type of person you are. What's your perspective on life? Are you willing to change in order to get what you say you've always wanted? Or are you comfortable enough of a person to just continuously say it and do nothing about it?

Things happen to us in life for a reason, to widen our perspectives/ enrich our minds. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get to a certain place and feel a certain way to not get there. No matter how hard you try it never feels as strong as the crash that comes when you least expect it. Improving yourself takes work. Improving yourself only comes from you and you within. Maybe with the help from others, maybe not...sometimes these journeys are more successful taken alone. All and all follow those gut feelings, follow any mental or physical symptom you may be noticing - they are trying to tell you something. Your soul is trying to send you a message...I know mine has and now I know I must follow that.

Have you ever felt that a particular situation in your life changed your perspective?

Do you ever think about what your soul needs and not just what's expected of you?

Do you ever take the time to deeply reevaluate your life and your overall happiness?

xx Ash


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