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How to Remain Optimistic When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

Life is always changing, with no regard towards if we're ready or not - it's an inevitable part of living that ultimately takes place. When it comes to my life, change has always been the one thing I tried to avoid most. Living day to day having the same routine, and same expectations, used to be very comforting to me because it was the one solid factor in my life that I could rely on consistently. But that doesn't stand true when it comes to the unexpected changes that are bound to happen in life.

Unfortunately, AND fortunately, things don't stay the same forever. There are things that we want to last forever, and there are things we do not want to last all depends what situation it's relating to and the circumstances behind it. The unexpected changes that take place in our lives can be good, as well as bad. The bad ones are something I never hope will happen, but when they do there are optimistic ways of looking at it to help remain calm.

Remember that unexpected changes make you:


Just because an unexpected change happens in your life doesn't mean you failed or that you were too naive to not have seen it coming. These unexpected trial and tribulations happen to everyone. We learn from these situations, and then become a stronger version of ourselves because we come out of it...alive. Don't be so hard on yourself, be gentle and kind. The biggest problem a lot of people have is that they are too hard on themselves. At the end of the day, you sometimes can't help what happens to you...and that's not your fault.


Like I said before, things don't stay the same forever. If you are not happy with how things are going right now, be patient. Trust yourself and that the universe is working in your favor (even though you may not see it as that in the moment). Accept the fact that everything is happening the way it should be, in order to ultimately reach where you're supposed to be.

TEACH YOU LESSONS - Take a breathe, self reflect on how this life change can teach you a lesson. Sometimes it takes going through something huge, and/or unexpected, to see things in a newer light. This is when our perceptions change, in the sense that through experience our insights grow. From all of that we step a little bit closer into becoming the person we are supposed to be, based off of how we react, and our strength through it all.

Have you ever experienced a negative, unplanned event in your life?

If so, how did you react?

Will these ways of looking at any situation help you remain optimistic?

xx Ash

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