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3 Ways Tapping Into Your 'Friend Voice' Will Improve Your Life

Have you ever realized that the way you may talk to your friends is not how you talk to yourself? We cheer on our friends who are working towards their goals, and we act as a positive force in their lives when times are tough...but when it comes to ourselves negativity and insecurities may take us away from the self-love we deserve. Instead of continuing on with that outlook, switch roles and talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend. When we advise loved ones about a situation they are going through we are able to think more clearly than we would ourselves in that same situation - this is because when it happens to us our emotions take control and don't allow us to logically see things for what they actually are.

For example, I recently helped a friend who was going through something...I felt (and still do feel) so strongly and confident about the advice I gave to him. Then a week later I found myself in the same situation, feeling the same way he did - I knew I had to listen to the advice I gave him in order to break free from the negative feelings and emotions I was being crippled by. Although it took me a little while to realize, once I did I felt so much better about what I was going through. Being emotionally biased is real and a lot of times your feelings can control the best of you. There is a good thing though - your emotions are controllable (once you determine what you're feeling and the best way to change it). Show yourself love, compassion, and support by talking to yourself in the second, or third person - doing so will help incorporate a new outlook into your world, in which life will improve in the ways I've listed below:


Think about what holds you back from taking risks in life...fear, and that little voice in your head that tells you "you can't" when "you can". Imagine your best friend talking to you, telling you all the reasons why "you can" do what you're thinking about doing. Be that best friend to yourself in order to triumph those tribulations.


Replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations will help diminish the stress you may have building up inside. The saying "sometimes we are our own worst enemy" is so true. We fill our heads up with negative self-talk, until one day the negativity is so crushing that you finally realize what you're doing to yourself. Get rid of the stressors, replace all the negativity with positivity, and treat yourself as you would your best friend.


Once you start being more positive towards yourself you will love yourself more. You will learn to trust your instincts, opinions and motives for why you do the things you do. Instead of doubting what you believe in, you will trust it and no longer look to others for validation. You will rely on yourself in a positive light - just like you rely on your best friend, and they rely on you.

Do you see the positives in tapping into your "friend voice"?

Have you already done this in particular situations?

If so, did it help when you did?

xx Ash

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